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Being a mother of two I have maintained a lot through my diet and being active all the time. This is something which I have always been appreciated by people around me. But as you can’t get everything in life so was in my case as it struck me when I saw fine lines appearing by the corner of my mouth and even eyes. The lines near mouth can be explained appearing due to severe stretching as result of laughing but eye, they were definitely ageing sign. Thank God I at that particular time came across Stylage M otherwise I would have gone deep under the depression as youthful skin is dear to everyone. Stylage M Lidocaine has been a real skin savior for many people.

This concern of getting wrinkles on my face was something led me to the dermatologist who had his expertise in this regard. Just like any other person out there going to shrink for even any petty issues made panic attacks seem quite common thing. Entering into the clinic raised lots of questions and I wanted to get the solution of all the queries boggling my mind.

Dr. Austin is quite an experienced doctor and he even got an idea about how panicky and doubtful I was. He started conversing and all the words were concerning to my worries as he was trying to resolve the issue I was facing.

He heard me well and then introduced me to Stylage M as solution to all my problems. He mentioned that the product has one of the magical effects which find satisfaction for the customers. He told me that when we start ageing the fat layer under the skin starts melting and this leave the hollow space which result in sagging skin. He even told me that hyaluronic acid is the major ingredient which is part of the product and this keeps the skin all smooth and tight. The results of the injectable were nature-looking which were visible through his patient’s history. This encouraged me to opt for the procedure.

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The day when I was to go through the process Dr. Austin told me not to keep any work on hold as the procedure only takes around 30-40 min. this made me be at peace as I don’t have to stay in the hospital leaving my kids behind at home without me.

The injecting was non-invasive and it made me face the result somewhat showing the immediate effects. The packed syringe with each box containing precise and skillful filler surprised me at the same time relaxed my mind that accurate amount will be injected with no accidents to take place.

The long lasting effect of the Stylage product to keep me looking young with glowing skin made me quite happy. Seeing the visible before and after results made my day. I will definitely go for the procedure again once it will start fading… 


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