NutriBullet NBR-0601 600W Blender

Today we are going to review a perfect blender for you guys offered by NutriBullet. The Blender we are talking about is NutriBullet 600W Personal Blender. This blender is one of its kind because of the features it has to offer. The blender is best to make smoothies, juices, and other recipes from your favorite ingredients. This blender will blend them instantly within seconds without any hurdle, all thanks to its powerful 600 Watt Motor and its sharp blades.

The blender has a lot of features to offer and it’s easy to use and today we are going to tell you about what will you get from this blender and how you can simply use it to ease your work in kitchen. The blender comes up with 2 different cups to blend. One is a tall cup of 24-oz size which is best to make smoothies, juices, and other recipes. The other one is 18-oz small cup in which you can easily blend spices, seeds, and other ingredients.

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The motor this blender has is 600W motor that is powerful enough to generate enough force for the blades so that they can easily crush and pulverize the ingredients. The best thing about the blender that it’s completely extract the nutrients out of the ingredients without wasting them or mixing them completely. You will get all the nutrients from your ingredients and that is why this blender is called the Nutrient Extractor. Because of this unique feature the blender turn your ordinary food to the super delicious food and you will get all the pure flavors in your recipes.

The blades this blender has are made from stainless steel which makes them completely rust proof. The steel use in the manufacturing of these blades is hardened steel which makes them strong enough to crush and blend almost everything. These blades can be washed with water without getting worried about the rust or anything else.

The blender is also easy to use and you just have to twist it twice to turn your whole food ingredients into delicious recipes, smoothies, or juices. Also, you can wash them easily in dishwasher as it is safe in dishwashers. Moreover, you will get a user guide with your blender which you can read to totally understand the functions of this blender to use it like a professional.

However, there are some features that are missing in this blender. These missing features are variable speed control and pulse feature. Due to this you can make purees, and hearted soup in it as you cannot control the speed according to your recipe. Pulse feature is another important thing which you will not get in this blender. For some house-chef this feature is important as they want to blend there recipes for their desired time and speed.

Other than that, the blender is best to use for house-hold use and it is quite better than the its counterpart MagicBullet. However, if you are interested to read the detailed article on MagicBullet vs NutriBullet then you can simply visit to read the detailed article on this topic.


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