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So hello guys after having such a fascinating experience with Muscle Foods, I couldn’t stop myself from giving a detailed product review for the products which I recently ordered. As I’m a student of University Of London and stay in a hostel based accommodation I barely have time to prepare food for myself neither do I have that much space in the freezer to store food for weeks as I share the room with a batch mate. Since the time I got to know about Muscle Foods life is much easier and sophisticated. I order food of my choice at any time that too of my choosing and even on Sundays as well at a very reasonable price. The products that I have discussed below were ordered previously by me and believe me that they were above par excellence both in taste and quality as well. The products were delivered timely which made my weekend much easier!

Levi Roots Veggie Veggie Pot – 431 kcal:

As I’m not a big fan of meat and try to my level best to stick towards a healthy diet, I thought of trying the Levi Root Veggie Pot seasoned with rice and chicken like soybeans. Try ordering this now by using Muscle Food Discount Code for Students and save 35% extra :).

This Veggie pot consists of all necessary ingredients which make sure that you’re maintaining a healthy metabolism, containing necessary amounts of proteins, fibers and calories which stimulate oneself for regular intakes of adequate energy dosages in the form of this Veggie pot. This was perfect for a mid-day meal on the university campus and kept me powered up the whole day. Click here to get best earlybirds deals.

Burger Me It’s Meat Free Pizza:

Last weekend my friends came over at my hostel for a movie night, due to COVID mostly all restaurants were closed for dine in. A great idea instantly popped up in my mind. I thought that I should make these guys try out the meat free pizza. I ordered the pizza two hours prior to when the movie started

The burger style pizza was based on a sourdough, having a blend of chilli mushrooms with onions and gherkins and finally had a topping of the burger sauce. Both rich in taste and finger licking goodness made our movie night perfect and affordable thanks to Musclefood discount code.


So if I conclusively wrap up all my points above I would like to say that my experience at muscle foods is just amazing. I managed to finish all my chores early, had time to focus on my studies and spend a great weekend as well. Prior to this wonderful experience I literally had no time, my schedule didn’t allow me to spend hours in the kitchen and my life was miserable plus at some stages when I felt that I alone can’t manage to cook, I started ordering from a food vendor but that too was pretty expensive. So I would give my overall experience a 10/10 keeping in mind all the factors which came into play.  



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