There are several reasons to have a treadmill for your home. It takes you not less than 30 minutes to get yourself ready to go to the gym. If you have a treadmill at home, your will not only spend your time but you can work out any time of your choice.  If you are living in a small apartment or do not have much space for the treadmill, you can opt for the option to buy the best compact treadmill under the bed.

If you are interested in buying an under-bed treadmill, this article will help you to consider the important factors of a compact treadmill.


The Best compact treadmills under the bed are perfect for starters and professionals. These machines have speed and resistance options to ensure a starter can build up their endurance. They are low in cost than the normal size of the treadmill but meet the quality features of any other treadmill.

Some of the features of a folding treadmill under the bed are:

BELT OF THE TREADMILL – Most of the treadmill under the bed has a running belt of 40 x 16 inches, which is perfect for almost all segments of people. Make sure to check the thickness of the belt of the machine. The running surface needs to be made of layers to make sure it is durable.

CONSOLE OF THE TREADMILL – The consoles of the treadmills helps to determine time, speed, distance, and calories.  Almost all the treadmills have consoles with basic features. Check that the machine allows you to control the surface for inclined and declined mode.  You should have the option of programs available for your workout demands.

SPEED OF THE MACHINE – It is also important that you should know about your preferences. Are you interested in walking, jogging, or running in your machine? Some people prefer to perform walking exercises while jogging.  The treadmill should deliver speeds up to 4.5 MPH.

MOTOR POWER – The power of the treadmill motor impacts the level of workouts. For starters and simple workouts, you can go for the treadmill with 1.5 HP motors. For the running workouts, it is better to go for a 2.5 horsepower motor or more.

QUALITY OF THE FRAME –  Ensure that the treadmill you are purchasing has a sturdy frame and it retains the correct weight.  The capacity to carry weight is important for the functioning of the running machine.  The machine will run slow if there is too much weight on it. Make sure that your selected treadmill has a great build.

COST OF THE MACHINE – Ensure that the treadmill is under your budget. Make sure that the machine is affordable but try to get the features and convenience, as it is a long-term investment.

WARRANTY – Brands are offering a warranty on their treadmills. Make sure to get the following warranty assurance:

  • 2 years warranty for the parts and after-sales service
  • At least 5 years warranty for the frame of the machine.

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