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Pamper Yourself

Hi, everyone, I’m Rose; I’m 

50 years old. I was born and brought up in Los Angeles. I have only one daughter, and she is married. She moved to San Bernardino after marriage. My husband died a few years ago, and I was left alone in the city. My daughter asked me to visit her because I was left alone. She asked me to bring my things almost for years, and she forced me to stay with her forever, but staying in my daughter’s home is not good, but still, she convinced me in the last, and I decided to move there. 

After a few months, I went to San Bernardino, and she was so happy after meeting me. Right after a few months, her daughter means my granddaughter was getting married, and as my daughter knows that I am a makeup freak. Still, after my husband died, I didn’t apply makeup, but my granddaughter asked me to put makeup on her wedding because she wanted me to look best in her marriage. 

I am 50 years old, and to be honest, makeup doesn’t go well on me like it used to be when I was in my teen. I know everything about makeup when I was in my college days, but now everything has changed the trend, fashion products, and so many things related to makeup. 

My daughter told me there are several makeup artists in San Bernardino, and she said she would help me out find the best makeup artist.

I have extremely dry skin, and it is quite hard to blend the foundation and concealer on my face. But makeup in San Bernardino was creating hype in those days many makeup artists and the salon was packed due to wedding season, but luckily, we found one. I asked her for the suggestions because I was not ready to use any products which will harm my skin at this age. She said she would help me look good but not fake. 

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